Score Board

We Manufacture score boards and score/ time display systems for various sports ranging from basketball, football, hockey, tennis, volleyball etc and also timers for sports like boxing, swimming etc. so whatever score keeping/ displaying system you are looking for we can design and manufacture it for you.

  1. Fixed or portable
  2. Indoor or outdoor
  3. Weather proof
  4. Day Visible

Main Features of our Score Boards:

  • Easy to use

  • Just two buttons for keeping score

  • Wireless communication

  • GPS controlled time of the day

  • Two buttons to Start/Pause Match Time

  • Correction button in case of to rectify scoring by error

  • Concealed Reset Button

"New System Enables a Smooth Flow of Patients, has Reduced the Stay Time and Enhanced Patient Experience."

Dr SPS Grewal,
Grewal Eye Institute

"We are Fully Satisfied with the Performance of the News Display Supplied & the Prompt After Sales Service Provided."

Manager IT, The Tribune Trust