Nurse Call System (Wireless)

Admaster Nurse call system is a wireless system, that is very simple to install and easy to operate. it consists of mainly two components: First, Remote Call button unit Second, Room No. Display unit. To operate the system, insert the Remote Call button unit's plug into the electrical plug, which is in the convenient reach of the patient. Also, insert the Room No. Display unit's plug, in any electrical outlet point at the nurse station. With these above mentioned two steps, the system becomes operational.

The system consists of following parts:-

Remote Call Button Unit for Patient's Room:

Function of each button is explained here below:

  1. Red press button on the top of the Remote Call button unit, to the nurse.
  2. Press button provided on the right side of the Remote Call buttonunit, is to be used by the nurse attending the call to confirm that the call has been attended
  3. A press button has been provided on the left side of the Remote Call button unit, is to be used by the attending nurse for any additional/emergency assistance in case of exigency.
  4. One press button provided on the remote control which is xonnected with the Remote Call button unit, through a spiral caed has the same function like that of the button (red color button) provided at the top of the Remote Call button unit.

Room No. Display Unit for Nurse Station:

On press of the "call nurse" button from any of the patient's room, the display unit starts blinking with a beep of sound and also indicates the room number from where the call have been made. One Display unit is suitable for a maximum of 24 rooms.


Patient/Attendant presses the 'Call Nurse' button on Remote Call button unit. The patient room number starts to blink on the Room no. display unit along with the sound of beep. Nurse attends the patient and presses the button that switches off the display. This stop the beep as well. In case futher assistance is required by the attending nurse, she presses the emergency button provided on the left side of the Remote Call button unit.

"New System Enables a Smooth Flow of Patients, has Reduced the Stay Time and Enhanced Patient Experience."

Dr SPS Grewal,
Grewal Eye Institute

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