Admaster Queue Management System (Wireless)

Admaster Queue Management System (Wireless) is a complete standalone system that neither needs a PC nor any cables running between two units. It is so simple to install that the entire system can be up and fully operational within minutes and its so user friendly that any one can understand and operate the system. Admaster Queue Management system is undoubtedly a true plug and play system.

Wireless Queue Management System consists of the following components:

Ticket Dispensar

Ticket Dispenser:

  • Large buttons - one for each Consultant (or) Service.
  • Separate priority button for Staff/Priority Service (Optional)
  • 2 lines backlit LCD display to show last issued “waiting number”
  • Thermal printer with auto paper cutter (paper role of size 57 mm width).
  • Editable Ticket format with key board.
  • Auto reset at 00.00 Hrs. (Also have manual reset button)
  • Wall mounted as well as table top.
  • Each Ticket Dispenser can cater maximum of 32 counter keypads and counter displays.
  • Communication - Wireless

Counter Keypads:

  • One for each consultation room / service.
  • 2 lines backlit LCD display – 1st line showing number of customers waiting and 2nd line
    showing current serving numbers.
  • 2 Buttons- 1st for calling NEXT “waiting number” and 2nd for repeat call.
  • Wall mounted as well as table top.
  • Communication – Wireless.

Counter Displays:

  • One for each Counter / Desk.
  • Display Color – Red
  • 3 Digits 2.25” seven segment LED Display
  • Rugged ABS housing for durability.
  • Wall mounted
  • Communication – Wireless.

Common / Additional Display for common waiting area:

  • Parallel Display for large / separate waiting areas
  • 3 Digits 2.25” seven segment LED display.
  • Color – Red.
  • Rugged metallic housing for Durability.
  • Wall mounted
  • Communication – Wireless.

How it Works?

Work Process

Main Features of Admaster Wireless Queue Management System

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    The Customers can be at ease in the waiting area and wait for their turn. With the additional display at the waiting area they need not worry about missing their turn.

  • Standalone System

    Admaster Queue Management System is a microprocessor based system and does not require any PC support.

  • No Wiring Required

    One of the main features of our system is that there are no wires going running between two units, this makes it easy to install at existing setup without affecting the ambience with additional wiring. Just provide power to all the units and the system will be up and running in no time.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

    Since there is no PC / System administrator or any wiring involved, the maintenance cost of our system is negligible.

  • Cost Effective Solution

    Virtually No Installation Cost and Negligible Maintenance Cost make Admaster Wireless Queue Management system the most cost effective system available.

  • Wireless Communication

    The system is based on wireless M2M communication and works independent of any Wi-Fi network without creating any interference.

  • Smooth Customer flow

    The Customer moves to the designated counter based on his/ her choice of service, this avoids any unnecessary movement and enables a smooth flow of customers.

  • Better Informed Staff

    The 2 line LCD display on the counter keypad displays both the current serving number, as well as the total number of waiting customers. Better informed staff can take better decisions and utilize the resources accordingly.

  • Reduces the Waiting Time

    With all the customers being served on first come first serve basis, the customer flow is improved and staff efficiency increases reducing the overall waiting time.

  • Easy to install

    The entire system is very easy to install.

  • Easy to Operate

    The system is extremely user friendly; the visiting customer just needs to press the button of his/her choice of service and wait for his/her turn. And for staff also there is no special training required.

  • Custom Token / Waiting Number Ticket

    The Token / Waiting Number Ticket contains the organization name, Token / Waiting Number with a message “please relax and wait for your turn”, Date & Time of issue and a customizable message at the bottom.

  • Portability

    Since there is no wiring involved, the System is ideal for temporary installations as well, and can be very effectively used at Health check-up camps etc. and events where crowd management is required.

  • Customized to suit your requirements

    We customize the system to best suit our customer’s requirements. Send us your requirements and our experts will be happy to guide you.

  • Admaster Queue Management System (Wireless) is so versatile that it can be customized to cater almost any of the following customer flow requirements
    • One Service served at one counter
    • One Service served at all the counters
    • Multiple Services served at pre-designated counter/ set of counters

We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, please feel free to contact us:

Ideal for all Hospitals OPDs and Nursing Home OPDs, Public Dealing Offices, Self Serving Fast food joints, restaurants, Banks, Airport, Crowd Management, Museums, Amusement and Theme Parks etc.

"New system enables a smooth flow of patients, has reduced the stay time and enhanced patient experience."

Dr SPS Grewal,
Grewal Eye Institute

"We are Fully Satisfied with the Performance of the News Display Supplied & the Prompt After Sales Service Provided."

Manager IT, The Tribune Trust