Accurate Digital Clocks (GPS Based)

The Admaster self correcting digital clocks system is a modern and maintenance free way to replace the age old master slave digital clocks without the need of wires running between two clocks.

How it works:-

The system comprises of mainly three components.

  1. Server
  2. Self Correcting Digital Clock
  3. Signal Repeater

The Server is placed preferably at a central location with the antenna facing the sky to receive the time signal from the satellite. Once the server receives the time signal through the GPS, it transmits the same to the Admaster self correcting digital clocks within its range i.e 30 mtrs indoor and >60 mtrs line of sight. As soon as the Admaster self correcting digital clock receives the time signal from server it further transmits the same to other clocks within its range. And the signal repeater is placed to enhance the range where the distance between the two units is more. The digital clocks are available in various sizes of Digit height 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 16 inch and 26 inch as per the requirement of the industry. With the combination of these three components, the system can cover the entire units/plant and display accurate time with virtually no maintenance costs.

Benefits of Admaster Self Correcting Digital Clocks

Correct time, Every time

The Admaster self correcting digital are synchronized with the server at regular intervals to ensure that all the clocks display the correct time and are perfectly in synchronization.

No hassles of correcting time

Admaster clocks are self correcting with the time signal from the sattalite and hence do not require any time adjustments

Available in different sizes

These clocks are available in different sizes to cater to different application areas, the various sizes available are 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch 16 inch and 26 inch.

Wireless Communication

The entire system is wireless and there is no need for any wires running between the two units and works independent of any WiFi network without creating any interference.

Weather proof for outdoor use

The large size digital clock can also be in used for out door use and are weather proof. These clocks are designed in a way that they are clearly visible even under direct sunlight.

Negligible Maintenance Cost

Admaster self correcting digital clocks operate on electricity and are synchronized automatically with the server, so there is virtually no effort of setting time in individual clocks and no cost involved for replacing batteries.

Creating Landmarks

Large size clocks can be installed at strategic locations to make it prominent and give more visibility making it a landmark.

Ideal For

These clocks are ideal for Manufacturing facilities, Assembly lines, Hospitals and other industries where accurate time is of importance.

Different Time Formats

The clocks can be customized to display time in both 12 hr and 24 hour format and display time in HH:MM:ss and HH:MM Format depending on the size.

Custom Housing

We also customize the housing to cater to different industries like SS 304 housing for pharmaceutical manufacturing units.

"New System Enables a Smooth Flow of Patients, has Reduced the Stay Time and Enhanced Patient Experience."

Dr SPS Grewal,
Grewal Eye Institute

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